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The keel billed toucan habitat is in the sub-tropical rainforests from southern mexico.The toucan eats fruit ,lizards,and bird eggs.In the drawing you can see the toucan popping out a bush and another one flying up in the sky,there are trees, bushes,clouds,and a sun.keel billed toucans has a yellow face ,red,orange,blue,and green beak it has black feathers. I think maybe their habitat is too hot for the fruit they eat and the fruit cloud bry and die and they can’t stay and it cloud change like that.I think in 70 year their habitat will change.The toucan is also know as the sulfur-breasted.The toucan can live up to 15 or 20 years.the toucan is ramphastos family. The toucan can reach up to 17 or 22 inches height.