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Over the course of 3,500 years, the sleek, impressive ocelot changed…for the better. Global warming melted the polar ice caps and the sea rose an alarming amount. The ocelot grew gills to gain the ability of breathing underwater. It attained waterproof and heatproof fur to protect against its new ocean-like habitat, and the rising temperature. It got a heavier, longer tail to be able to quickly change directions in water. The ocelot received green stripes in the form of camouflage to blend in with the aquatic plants. The animal’s ears moved to the side of its head, and it grew a striped fin to make it more hyrdodynamic. It’s paws formed into flippers to gain the ability of steering through water. And finally, it attained a larger jaw bone to be able to attack larger prey. These millennia of evolving turned the ocelot into… the Ociliamaxima!