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My creature is a Saguar, a Jaguar 1,000 years in the future. I predict the Amazon Rainforest - home of the Jaguar - will be a grassy savanna due to the increase of heat and logging. According to geologist Robert Toovey Walker, the rainforest will be gone by 2064. So if the Jaguars are to survive, they will change their diets, and those with fewer spots will survive. That means the Saguars will have small dots and stripes. The stripes come from their rosettes, which are great for a jungle. Not so much for grassy fields. But their size will change, as it has in the past. Their large, powerful jaws will stay relatively the same, while their bodies shrink in size about 50-100 lbs due to speed becoming important. Speed will cause their tails to grow longer. These adaptations will cause them to hunt evolved deer, monkeys, and birds.