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The animal I chose is the okapi. Presently, okapis’ colors range from a velvet, dark chestnut-brown to a purplish red with zebra-like stripes on their upper legs. They have long necks and long, dark blue tongues. They have large, flexible ears and weigh 440 to 770 pounds. The okapi’s main predator is the leopard, but humans and other rainforest cats also hunt okapis. The camikapi will develop all brown coloring, making them less fashionable to poachers, and blending into drier habitats. Deforestation in the future means less vegetation to eat, so the camikapi will be an omnivore. The long tongue of the okapi will have an added adaptation, becoming sticky, to lick bugs off logs to eat. Droughts will cause another adaptation, one that is similar to camels, which is to store water in their bodies for long periods of time in humps on their backs.