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The green honeycreeper, a small songbird, resides in the rainforests of Mexico, Brazil, and Trinidad. This species has small wings for quick flights through the dense forest and short, slightly curved beaks for eating fruit, seeds, nectar, and sometimes insects. The green (female) or blue (male) plumage of the green honeycreeper allows it to blend in with its current environment, the rainforest. However, this habitat is in trouble. By as soon as 2050, rising temperatures may result in a much drier rainforest climate. Forest fires and droughts will become more frequent, resulting in a grassland environment. To survive, the green honeycreeper would develop brown camouflage to blend in and longer wings for sustained flights in open areas to maintain its new diet, made up of mostly seeds and insects. This adaptable bird would come to have longer legs for nesting and raising young on the ground.