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Today, ocelots are fairly small wild cats that live in Central and South America. Their chain rosette fur coat allows them to camouflage within the shrubs of the rainforest. With keen vision and hearing, the ocelot is a great nocturnal hunter and captures small prey. Its short legs and tail allow it to climb trees where it can rest away from predators. However, as rainforests are cleared, ocelots are put at risk due to habitat loss. Without trees and shrubs to camouflage with, its spotted coat becomes useless. Over time, the spots and stripes will fade away. Likewise, with less terrain to sneak up on its prey, the ocelot will have to develop a higher speed. Its back legs will become stronger, and its tail will become longer but thinner to keep it balanced. Lastly, stronger jaws and arms will allow it to take down larger prey.