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The Bornean Bearded Pig is well-adapted to its rainforest environment, as the only native wild pig in Borneo, Southeast Asia. It has an excellent sense of smell, digging with its snout to find roots, earthworms, invertebrates, fruits and importantly, seeds of native trees. They are ecosystem engineers, rooting and turning over soil. With deforestation, the Bearded Pig will likely adapt to living more in the oil palm plantations and, as the only known migrating pig, will migrate further for food. As water levels rise due to climate change, they may develop less fur, more oily skin, thicker legs and wider hooves, to allow pushing off and swimming, as well as a longer snout, to be used as a snorkel. Spending more time in water will increase protection from tigers, leopards and humans, as they would be more exposed without their rainforest habitat, if deforestation and climate change continue.