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For my animal I chose the okapi. The okapi lives exclusively in the Ituri rainforest. Its diet consists of a reddish clay, fruits, grasses, some fungi, and leaves. The okapi's defense against predators is camouflage, its dark colors blend in with the trees. In the first image you can see the okapi eating its lunch of leaves. The second image is of the okapi in a few thousand years where the Ituri rainforest has become a savanna. Because of the drastic changes the okapi’s numbers have decreased but they have not disappeared. To adapt, the color of the okapi has changed to blend in with the savanna grass so they can hide from predators. Its diet still consists of leaves, grasses and the reddish clay, if it can find any. There is little to no fruit or fungi in a savanna so the okapi does not eat that anymore.