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Over centuries of global warming, the Madagascar rainforest can turn to desert. The climate of a rainforest is 70-90°F, and the climate of a desert is about 100°F. Even with the drastic difference in the amount of rainfall, deserts create themselves. Once the temperatures start to rise drastically, the biome takes matters into their own hands, making the ecosystem sustain with less rainfall, making themselves a desert. With the rainforest, the lemurs will also adapt. At higher temperatures, the lemurs can shed their gray fur and turn to a yellow scale-centered body. They will likely get claws to eat cactus fruit, and develop cheek patches like hamsters have to store water. Their feet will also be wider to give them something like camel feet, so they don't sink in the sand. With the decreased amount of plants, they might learn to eat with smaller quantities or turn to becoming omnivores.