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The Present shows two chimpanzees that are swinging against ropes, trying not to touch the water overflow. The bigger chimpanzee is holding food, while the younger one is holding a stick. Right now, the water is not that big here but still would splash if something fell in it. The younger chimpanzee is very slim because he doesn't have food. The chimpanzees are gonna be camouflaged since the trees are the same color as the chimps, This is very useful to hide from predators like leopards and other large felines. While on the other hand, chimpanzees hunt other small monkeys, bird eggs, wild hogs, insects, baboons, and small antelope. The prey might go extinct. The chimps might go extinct because it will be hot in the desert since the global warming, and it will be likely if they reproduce. There will be only one family of chimpanzee’s, hiding from leopards.