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Jaguars range from the southern US to northern Argentina. They are a part of the genus Panthera, and the only living member native to the Americas. Their coloring ranges from tan to orange, with black spots, rosettes and white underbellies. Jaguars are opportunistic hunters, but prefer capybara or giant anteaters. They hunt by stalking and kill mammals by biting through the skull. They like to climb and swim. In the future the rainforest has partially flooded. Jaguars spend about half their time in the water, and their back paws have elongated to adapt to this. They produce myoglobin, which lets them hold their breath for long periods. Their diet consists mostly of marine animals, but they eat capybaras. Jaguars hunt by stalking - though they use both claws and teeth - which is why they have retained the rosettes, and the rest of their fur turned gray.