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The Ocelot is a part of the Felidae Family, and is a carnivore that mostly eats small rodents. They depend on thick vegetation for places to hide. Their habitat, the rainforest, is turning into a savanna. The Ocelot might change to adapt to the savanna by 1. Mixing with Jaguars, a species that is similar to the Ocelot so it is easier for them to reproduce, as both will be endangered. 2. Growing a few sizes larger, to defend itself from their predators. 3. To become more social, so it would be easier to attack bigger prey. 4. To live near water, so they always have a nearby source. Also, where there's water, there will be prey hoping to drink, especially in a savanna, where water is scarce. Finally, the Ocelot will not change much appearance wise, as their fur design already gives them an advantage in the savanna.