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The animal I have chosen for my project is the Toucan. Toucans are omnivores and eat insects or eggs. Toucans have a lifespan of 20 years. They weigh about 20 oz, their average body length is 25 in. while their beak is half their body size that measures to 7.5 in. Their endangerment is least common. Toucans can lay about 2-4 eggs per year. Baby toucans are born with small bills that grow dramatically in several months. Toucans are located in South America and live in tropical rainforest ecosystems. Their bill is what makes the toucans a very special and abnormal bird. Their beak is used for many things. The bill reduces body temperature from their body, the bill is also used as a eating tool to rip their food for safer eating. The bill is very colorful and is made of the same substance as a human finger nail.