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The animal I have chosen is a clouded leopard. The clouded leopard’s rainforest habitat would shrink even more, due to people cutting down trees, and rainforests overall get destroyed and altered by climate change, ex: not being able to have rainfall in the rainforest. Since some do live in the grasslands, they would probably adapt to live there, in about 1000 years. Present clouded leopards have a long bushy tail for balancing and large paws for climbing trees, in the future, they’d probably keep these features, for the ones that still live in rainforests, the ones in the grasslands would probably adopt a body like a cheetah to run and hunt prey since a cheetah’s light weight is what makes a cheetah so fast, it could also help them survive the grasslands better. Being this fast would also help clouded leopards outrun poachers, which is another issue clouded leopards have.