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The boa, in the present day, is happy where it lives in the rainforests. Their bodies are tan or brown with spots that make them blend in. Most boas grow 6-10 feet long. They weigh about 60 pounds. They live 20-30 years. They have fork-shaped tongues to smell. They eat wild pigs, monkeys, lizards, and other prey. They give birth to 25 live babies at a time. They are independent right after they are born. 100 years later… It is very hot. The constrictor is shrinking in size. They are only 2 feet long. They only have 2 babies at a time. They only live 10 years. They eat flies, mosquitoes, and little spiders. They are 10-20 pounds. It lives in the desert where the rainforests used to be. They dig burrows for their homes. This is what the constrictor is like 100 years later.