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Currently Congo elephants live in the Congo rainforest very peacefully but are seldom scene. In the future Congo elephants may be omnivores. It is possible that they could evolve to have extremely long trunks that squeeze their prey, like pythons. they might have to journey to Zangabai (The legendary village of elephants) more often to obtain vital nutrients from clay or salts that are under the water. They possibly could have longer legs for chasing and sharper/longer tusks. They might need to absorb more water, like camels, due to drought and/or climate change. It is likely Their numbers will be cut in half from ivory hunting. It is also possible that they will turn brown and evolve into desert creatures. Another possibility is that they will turn a greenish-brownish-reddish-grayish color. Evolution might give them a hump for the desert (for example, like camels). Nobody knows for sure.