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Naturally known for living in the Amazon Rainforest, deer are mystical creatures with many adaptations to survive in the rainforest. From cold and humid weather in the rainforest, deer have hollow fur to stay insulated. For deer to stay healthy, they have 4-chambered stomachs to get all the nutrients. One of the most important adaptations of a deer is that they have 300,000,000 olfactory senses to sense food and even danger. Because of the extreme heat waves the rainforest will soon face, deer will have to have many adaptations to stay cool. When deer get hot, their body will cool off from large heat-radiating ears, and can also cool off by having sun-reflecting and light colored skin. Another adaptation the deer will have is to have humps to store water and food from massive droughts and lack of food. Also, they will need a poofy tail for shade.