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The giant Otter My animal is giant otter the amazon rainforest. In South America the giant otter is the family. The giant otter is the 1.8 meters long. The giant otter is the globally successful group of predators hunted only by the jaguar, calman, and anaconda. Due to climate change, the giant otter will going to the rainforest they stay the same The giant otter adaptions suitable to an amphibious lifestyle particularly catfish. It is the longest member of the weasel family. the giant otter generally peaceful the species are territorial and aggressive. The IUCN listed The species was as endangered in 1999 and wild population below 5,000. In future, my otter look like iguana, it looks like a hair a lot, 2 eyes, and 4 legs. I describe the future in rain forest and I run away from the rain. I like forest so much!