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Red eyed tree frogs have many adaptations that help them survive in the rainforest. Red eyed tree frogs have cup shaped feet that help them leap. Red eyed tree frogs also have extraordinary seeing called flash colors. Flash colors startle a predator. Red eyed tree frogs are also cold-blooded, That means the temperature changes with the environment. Due to future global warming, In 100 years the rainforest would be dry, Red eyed tree frogs would need to adapt to a drier environment. Since Red eyed tree frogs could only swim without drowning when they're only a little tad pool, they would need to keep the gills they had so, the water would keep them cold. That would also mean the body will keep the tail, it would help them swim. In 100 years, the rainforest would rarely rain so, They would also need longer tongues. Longer tongues would help hunt.