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The Margay is found from Mexico to Argentina in Central and South America, and has many adaptions. Margays spend most of their time n the canopy of the rainforests. They're solitary creatures and are omnivores. They have long, soft tails. They are nocturnal and have large eyes and broad paws. Due to water rising, and the planet getting hotter, the rainforests will dry out into Savannah's and then flood. The Margay will become Watergay. It will have webbed feet so it can swim better. The Watergay will be able to burrow underground when it's hot and lift its fur up when it's hot too. Their teeth will be able to have a venomous bite to catch prey faster. They can also swim underwater and drink fresh or saltwater because the water from the ocean will mix with the freshwater. This is what will happen in the future to Margay.