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With a difference of 1,00 years Jaguars can change from dappled agile beasts, to tail-less brown creatures. After a thousand years, considering global warming, jaguars could have lost their tail, adopted a sandy coat, grown wider legs, and rely more on their ears. Jaguars live in rainforests, meaning their bodies are designed to climb trees, and hunt in forests. In 1,00 years rainforests could turn into deserts, these changes could affect the build of a jaguar. The aspects of their body pertaining to climbing trees would change, the tail they use for balance would disappear, the slim back legs and claws would widen and disappear. Their keen eyes would lessen, and ears would be more important. The coat they used to blend in would change to reflect their surroundings. All these changes are effects of climate change, and would change Jaguars in the next 1,000 years if our trajectory stays.