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The Iguana lives in the Amazon rainforest. The Amazon rainforest is going through a bad deforestation period. The Amazon covers 2.587 million miles of land. Iguanas have razor sharp teeth and a very sharp tail too used as a defense mechanism. Iguanas go into the water to search for their food (plants). Iguanas are also very strong, they can drop 40 feet and still live. The new name for the Iguana is Iguanis. How the Iguana will adapt to the new environment (which is a shrubland) will be able to change color willingly. Also the Iguana will get smaller. The Iguana will also get faster because one of its predators lives in shrublands(snakes). I personally think that the Iguanas will maybe go extinct because there won’t be as many hiding places for it to hide in. There is a chance that Iguanas will live because there are bushes.