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The habitat for my present animal, the fer-de-lance, is a tropical rainforest with some dead leaves on the ground. This helps with camouflage so that the fer-de-lance can sneak up on prey and strike it with its venom. My future creature’s habitat, though, is covered with toxic ooze. The trees are deformed from it and grow upside down. My future snake, which will be known as tête à crocs, will have its nose and eyes on the top of its head. It will do this to avoid any contact with the toxic ooze. All the fangs will be on its spine and tail so they can whip their tail to kill prey. Doing this avoids getting the ooze into its mouth. It will also have a tongue that will always hang out and can help navigate through the ooze. Finally, it will have yellow camouflage to hide in the ooze.