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Hyacinth macaw, beautiful, blue, intelligent, breathtaking. Many adaptations help it survive. Strong beaks open hard nuts, it can generate over 1,000 pounds of pressure per square inch. Zygodactyl feet, with opposite facing toes, help climb/grip. Hyacinths use their feet to examine food. Hyacinths are extremely intelligent. It can problem solve and an intelligence level comparable to toddlers! High levels of communication with birds. Climate change and people are posing threats to marvelous hyacinths. I think future Hyacinths will move to prairies or savannas. Hyacinths live on the outskirts of the rainforest. Future habitat might have less trees. Hyacinths will need stronger wings, beaks, and eyesight. They would have less strong feet because they will climb/grasp less. They will need to fly longer distances for nesting grounds. Stronger beaks for whatever hard food there is, stronger eyesight- spotting food. Macaws may become lighter shade of blue/green to camouflage with new environment.