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Web-toed Sloth Future Creatures Project Sloths are mammal vertebrates that live in the Amazon Rainforest. They live in the trees and hang all day upside down from branches. They have long arms, are furry, and have patterns around their eyes. Sloths are very slow and are named after the sin of sloth. The predators of sloths include jaguars and eagles. Because of greenhouse gasses, heat is trapped in the Earth and melting ice caps. This causes the oceans to rise. This water will carry into rainforests, flooding the sloth’s natural habitat. Sloths are already pretty good at swimming compared to other modes of transportation, but could use some improvements. In the future, sloths will become water animals, with webbed toes and higher swimming speed. They will also learn to eat algae instead of leaves in trees. They will also produce special wax and more fur to stay warm under water.