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Toucans have many adaptations that allow them to survive in South American rainforests. Toucans sharp claws are used to help them grab onto tree branches. The toucans' colorful body helps them stand out from anything in the rainforest.Their long and colorful beak is one of the most important features in the body, it helps with grabbing things from far away like food, sticks, leaves, and more. Due to the climate change the Toucans will need to adapt to a more wet environment in the rainforest with more water. Since Toucans are around water, they will need to get webbed feet to help them cross water patches. Toucans will most likely get bigger wings to help them glide around quicker because they hop more than fly. Toucans should also get darker feathers because they are very bright and colorful and they stand out a lot if a predator comes by.