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The Spectacled Flying Fox (Pteropus Conspicillatus) is a megabat that lives in Australia's north-eastern regions of Queensland. This species lives in rainforests. They climb trees but they can't walk. Spectacled flying foxes maintain a frugivorous diet that contains rainforest fruits, riparian zone flowers, flowers and fruits from Myrtaceae (primarily Eucalyptus and Syzygium species) and fruits from the Moraceae (figs). Spectacled flying foxes display highly social behavior, forming groups known as camps. A single camp contains tens of thousands of bats. The populations of these camps will decrease in the future due to a loss of roosting areas. In a thousand years I believe rainforests will be like a savanna, so spectacled flying foxes will walk and jump due to a decreased amount of trees. The spectacled flying fox will also expand its diet to eating small insects to become more of an omnivore due to a lack of fruit.