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Bridled forest geckos have adaptations to help them survive. They live in the Amazon rainforest. One adaptation is storing fat in their tails. They have camouflage too.These adaptations help them survive in their current environment but won't help in their future. In the future, due to increasing temperatures in rainforests, 100 years from now, rainforests will be more deserts. So, for survival the bridled forest gecko needs new adaptations. 1. I think they should have a skinny tail so they can run from predators. 2. They need a thinner body so they’ll carry less weight in the desert. 3. I think to blend in from predators, they’ll need camouflage, so their skin will be brown to blend in with sand or dirt. 4. I think that they should have red eyes to flash at predators so they’ll get scared. Those are my new adaptations for the bridled forest gecko.