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Global Warming will have a big effect on our environment in the future. Rainforests are full of luscious plants and exotic animals. Capybaras are cute, cuddly animals that live in South America, Florida, commonly found in the Amazon Rainforest. Now, Capybaras are the largest living rodents with barrel-shaped bodies, coarse fur, and webbed feet. They spend the majority of their time in water or swamps. In the future, plants will have died off and water will be polluted. In a few years, say two Capybaras have a kid. Say that kid had larger lungs. That kid could have kids that have larger lungs, and that feature would carry on. Maybe two capybaras have a kid that has bigger eyes, and that kid could carry that on. The bigger eyes could help them to get away from predators easier. These features will help Capybaras survive the future in a polluted environment.