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Ring Tailed Lemur Right now, ring tailed lemurs have many current adaptations to tropical rainforests, but what happens if that environment changes to global warming? Eventually(probably in about 12-15 years.)Global warming will start to affect tropical rainforests by drying them out. There won’t be a lot of trees, which provide shelter, and trees will also become less sturdy. There will also be less flowers and fruit. These changes will result in ring tailed lemur to adapt. First their tails will be much shorter because they can’t swing on trees, they also won’t have the 13 rings on them because they are too eye-catching. The next change is that they will have more claws(instead of just one on the back) to get larva. Since their diet is so small they will become very skinny. Their color will also change from a rosy light gray to a darker color.