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Ocelots are found in subtropical and tropical rainforests. Ocelots are small wildcats being 16-20 inches tall. Like some other wild cats they have spots to help camouflage as an adaptation. Ocelots have large ears and good eyesight to help navigate around their natural habitat. They also have whiskers to detect vibrations in the air. A behavioral adaptation that Ocelots have is the fact that they are nocturnal. Ocelots also have retractable claws for grabbing prey. The Deserlot is found in the desert; it is 20-26 inches tall. It lost its spots and its fur and skin color changed to camouflage in the desert. It also lost fur to stay cool. It gained tougher pads on its feet to move around better in the desert. To prevent cactuses from causing injuries, it gained tougher skin. In addition it also retains its nocturnal behavior so it can avoid the extremely hot sun.