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Native to the Daintree rainforest in Australia, the cassowary eats fruits and occasionally small animals and carrion. The cassowary has long, dull claws and long powerful legs used to propel them to speeds of 31 mph. Glossy, black plumage offers protection against the humid rainforest while the casques on their heads regulate body temperature. With temperatures slowly increasing, intense wet seasons and longer dry seasons are the predicted climate. It will become a vast grassland with very few fruit trees which will affect the diets of many animals. Cassowaries will have to evolve to eat more grasses and small animals. For that purpose, the beak and claws will become sharper for ripping and tearing. The wing quills will become stronger and have the ability to rotate and swat away predators. To survive, their casques will grow larger to shed more heat and their colors will become duller to blend in.