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My animal is the Green Honeycreeper. They are about 13 to 14 centimeters long, with bright green coloration that helps with camouflaging in the dense vegetation, and a sharp curved beak that is hard enough to crush seeds. Even though their name is called the Green Honeycreeper, 60% of their diet is seeds and fruit, while only 20% is nectar (with 15% of diet insects). After a few thousand years, the tropical rainforests of Central America will since be flooded or turned into lowlands. Because of this, the Green Honeycreeper's bright green camouflage can't work as well without the dense vegetation. So, after thousands of years of evolution, their coloration will be golden now, like the dry grass and the hot sun and sky. Because of their diet, I think the Green Honeycreepers will also have sharper eyesight, so that they can better see seeds and fruit on the ground.