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Capybaras look like guinea pigs. One of the biggest rodents, a Capybara is semi-aquatic. In 1,000 years, the rainforests will start to degrade, because of deforestation. The plants won’t be able to support themselves anymore and will disintegrate. A Capybara currently lives by the water in the rainforest. In the future, this will become a dry savannah. One adaptation to survive would be adopting a hump. Like a camel, the hump will be full of fat helping it survive longer without water. Another adaptation can include having retractable webbed feet. This will help it run faster and also swim during the flood seasons. To camouflage, it will have a yellow body because the grass is yellow. It will also virtually have no smell so predators can’t smell it. Lastly, the Capybara will have better eyesight as it has really bad night vision, and most of its predators are nocturnal.