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The sloth in now is slow and has 2-3 long nails and sleeps for about 9-12 hrs depending on the sloth. The sloth lives in trees in tropical rainforests with tails for balance. It has long arms and brown shaggy fur that can have algae grow on it, which is helpful for camouflage when it hides from predators. When a sloth encounters a predator it will bite, hiss, slash their claws and shriek. A sloth is an herbivore mostly consuming twigs, leaves, and buds; they eat this food with their lips. In the future I think the sloth will have shorter arms, nails and fur, with feet to walk on the grasslands because climate change and deforestation will wipe out their habitat. The sloth will have sharper teeth so it can eat meat and defend itself. The sloth will have a longer tail for balance as it walks.