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As of 2022, the Giant Otter is found in the Amazon Basin. They have thick, brown, fur and are around six feet at maturity. As natural carnivores, Giant Otters feast on fish, frogs, crabs, and small river wildlife in general. They are crucial for keeping the food chain in balance. They will live in burrows beside the river. At the current rate the Amazon Rainforest’s condition is deteriorating, Giant Otters will have to make major adaptations in the future. For example, because of illegal miners’ pollution, mercury is killing fish in the tainted Amazon basin. Therefore, Giant Otters could be forced to change their diet to birds and land animals like lizards or frogs. They would need to stay primarily on land to avoid rising, mercury-contaminated waters. Lastly, because of the temperature getting warmer from climate change, Giant Otters’ fur-coats would likely thin out.