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The Pygmy Tarsiers are a species of primate found in the Mountain Top Cloud Forest, on the island of Sulizi in Indonesia. Pygmy Tarsiers were believed to be extinct since the 1920’s and were rediscovered in 2008. They have claws instead of nails that help them create traction to be able to scale up trees and run away. The Pygmy Tarsiers are insectivorous which means they eat small vegetables and keratinized exoskeletons. Sadly it seems unlikely that the Pygmy Tarsiers will survive due to loss of deforestation and climate change. If the Pygmy Tarsiers were to survive they would have to adapt to the climate and would have to move to a new environment. Such as losing its dense fur and would be called The Gibbosus Pygmy because they would be more hunched because of the air they breathe in and will slowly be hunching over more over time.