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The Green Tree Python has many adaptations that help it survive in Australian rainforests. They can camouflage well with trees, especially the leaves, because both the snake and the leaves have the same color. Because they are constrictors, they have the ability to kill animals (prey) by suffocating them. Afterwards, they feed on their prey by eating it head first. They mostly eat reptiles, rodents, and frogs. Due to future global warming the Green Tree Python will have to adapt to a new environment because the rainforest won't be able to control how much water the habitat gets.This will lead to droughts. This future animal is called the Drython.Here are some of its adaptations. It has razor sharp spikes that can help it kill much bigger animals when it's constricting.It also has a camouflaging ability to blend into any background. Lastly, it has body plates for protection.