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Known for their large and magnificent beak, the toucan lives in the canopy of the lush rainforests in South America. Up in the trees, they forage for foods such as fruits, bird eggs, and sometimes small rodents or insects. Due to global warming, forest fires and drought will ravage the area, resulting in a dryer, more open environment. The toucan’s feathers and beak will become much duller to blend in with its surroundings. Fruits will be scarce, so its beak will have to shrink in order to hunt. Along with the shorter beak, the toucan's wingspan will extend, allowing them to be more aerodynamic and less reliant on trees. Toucans will primarily feast on the abundant rodents and fruits if they can find them. To grab prey, the toucan’s talons will need to evolve so that they have three claws in the front, and one in the back.