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The Toco Toucan are brightly marked and have large, colorful bills. Their bright colors provide good camouflage the rainforest canopy. They shelter in hollowed-out tree cavities. The Toucan hops from tree to tree. Toucans use their enormous bill to protect. They also use their loud voices to scare off enemies. After thousands of years the Toucans habitat will become a savannah. The Toulid is the Toucan after years of evolution. The Toco Toulid are brightly marked birds and have large bills and a reptile tail Their ability to camouflage helps against predators. These birds now shelter underground. They dig with their bills against the hard ground. Sometimes they nest in a hollowed-out cavities. But only if their isn’t to many others around. They mostly fly around from tree to tree. Occasionally, landing on the ground to walk. To protect themselves they are able to use their jagged beaks to bite.