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Capybaras will come out of the water to eat grass or stay inside the water to eat reeds. When capybaras sense a threat, they dive into the water. Their brown fur camouflages in the dirty water. Capybaras spend most of their time swimming around the water. Their webbed toes help them swim fast in the water, and have brittle fur to keep their body dry. Capybaras defend themselves by diving into the water. A tropical rainforest is hot and humid. It has bodies of water and lots of trees. Because of the loss of water in rainforests so far, I predict that the rainforests will turn into a savannah, having little water. The adapted capybara now called the Creeping Capy will have sharp claws, a bigger body to store water, fur changing to sand color, and is now a predator. This helps capybaras survive climate change from the harsh climate.