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The Spix’s macaw is an endangered species. They are blue, with many features like any macaw. Spix's macaws have the IQ of a toddler. They have a beak to break apart nuts. Spix’s macaws eat nuts, tree bark, cactus meat, clay, and more. They live high up in trees to avoid predators. There are eight in the wild now, but biologists are trying to bring them back soon.The Guacamaya will be a burrowing animal because the trees they live in now are quickly being cut down. They will still be a vibrant blue, but their wings will be dirt brown to camouflage from predators like rats, mongooses, and monkeys. Whenever they feel threatened, they will cover their body with their wings. In the future, I believe they will be extinct without human interference, but if they don’t, this is what they will look like.