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Future creatures challenge Lace monitor The Lace monitor is a lizard native to the Daintree Rainforest. Global warming will change this rainforest because many animals will lose their habitat, including endemic vertebrate species which live in the cooler upland and montane rainforests, leaving only isolated pockets of rainforest for them to live in. The average size of the adults are 1.5 meters, and their diet consists of mammals, reptiles ( including snakes), eggs, and small birds. Their bite is venomous because of toxic bacteria in their mouth. A behavioral adaptation that they have is being aggressive during the mating season, and are seen with large cuts. Climate change will affect this species because they are a cold blooded animal and are more active while having cool temperatures. Warmer temperatures will make them lazy and inactive. I predict that the lace monitor will adapt to find more shade by going underground.