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Over the course of 100 years, the kiwi, living in New Zealand’s tropical forests, would undergo a few changes due to the rapidly changing environment around them caused by a nuclear war. Present-day kiwis are around the size of a chicken, have brown feathers, and sport a long beak. They primarily live in the forests of New Zealand, and they feed on bugs and berries. Due to nuclear radiation caused by the aforementioned wars, the kiwi had to adapt to the new environment, undergoing several unusual changes. These new kiwis are capable of flight, developing membrane wings inspired by local microchiroptera, and have tentacles in their mouths because Lovecraftian monsters always successfully catch their food and now there’s a shortage of it locally. It has spikes protruding from its back for defense, and a surplus of eyes for surveillance. Its life span stays the same as today, averaging 25-50 years.