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the Okapi is a mammal that lives in the ituri rainforest. Okapi have a dark colored body, to blend into the background of the rainforest. They have striped legs to blur out any outlines and hide from predators. My adapted Okapi is called the Toni. The name Toni comes from the scientific name Okapia johnstoni. The Toni has changed by changing fur color to a light tan, to blend in with the savannah grasses. Now the Toni lives in the rainforest, due to deforestation. The stripes on the okapis legs, have changed color from black to a light tan to match its surroundings. The Toni has large ears to protect it from the heat, and large horns to defend against predators. The Toni's feet are now larger for walking around the savannah. The Toni's neck is now shorter to be able to bend down and eat the savannah grasses easier.