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Did you know that Okapis are known as Herbivores? That means they eat plants such as leaves, fruit, grasses, and fungi. Okapis live in the Amazon rainforest in the Democratic Republic Of the Congo. They are very closely related to giraffes. Okapis have stripes on the back part of their body and have long tongues just like giraffes. The leopard is the Okapi’s most fearsome predator. Humans also hunt Okapis which makes us predators too. Due to climate change in the future, I predict the inland rainforest will become a savanna. Savannas are different from the rainforest because the savanna has fewer trees and much more grass. Also, the rainforest is wetter while the savannas are dry. In the future, to adapt to living in a savanna, the Okapi will become smaller with shorter necks so that they can eat grass instead of eating trees.