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The Aqualacerta meaning Water Lizard in Latin is a Warm Blooded adaptation of the Banded Tree Anole. The Banded Tree Anole is a cold-blooded lizard around 79.5 millimeters in length with sticky hands and camouflage. There are three adaptation variants: the Aqualacerta lives in the now flooded Amazon rainforest ten thousand years in the future. The first variant lives in the daylight zone. It has webbed feet, eyes with membrane eyelids to see underwater, and gills. It eats smaller fish and frogs. The second version lives in the twilight zone. It has camouflaged skin, webbed feet, see-through eyelids, and cells that absorb oxygen and avoid getting squished by the pressure. It eats smaller fish and frogs. The last version lives in the midnight zone. It is black to camouflage, See through eyelids that have thermal vision, Stingers on the tail, and webbed feet. As well eating smaller fish and frogs