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The tiger's habitat consists of rainforests, grasslands, savannas, and mangrove swamps. Tigers are big, strong animals with claws up to 10cm. Tigers also have incredible vision and hearing. Lastly, they have a strong, Flexible spines. Tigers are endangered because of poachers, poachers poach tigers for their fur and some body parts to make medicine. Tigers are very easy to spot in the open because of their yellow fur. Their yellow fur and black stripes don't blend with the green grass and trees all around them. The Griger is an incredible animal full of many adaptions. Grigers were endangered because of poachers. People would poach tigers to get their fur and some body parts to make medicine. Its main adaption was when it changed the color of its skin to green. This helped them defend themselves from poachers because it was harder to see the tigers because they blended in.