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Ocelots now have green eyes, thick, luxurious, light brown fur with black rosettes and whiskers.their fur helps them camouflage on the rainforest floor, but in 2000 years there might be more sunlight due to deforestation, because of that i believe that in the future they will have orange-brown stripes.their light colored fur may also be a problem.since it rains a lot in the rainforest, and rain usually makes dirt, or mud, darker, i believe ocelots will have darker fur.since their fur is thick and luxurious all hunters can think of is that thick and luxurious fur jacket.did you know it takes up to 25 ocelots just to make a single coat?Because of that I believe that ocelots will adapt to having thinner and less luxurious fur.other than those adaptations i think they will remain the same.