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A home's hingeback tortoise has a brown sharp shell this is a physical adaptation The tortoise’s diet is plant matter, slugs, spiders, frogs and carrion, but the sables of its diet are insects, fruits, mushrooms, sweet and normal potatoes, squash, and protein rich animals like worms, snails and fish. They live on the coast of the Gulf of western Africa. They require a high humidity habitat like swamps, moist forests, and other high humidity places. They have been seen on farms. The tortoise's habitat is getting engulfed by water and it may change to have fins and its beak will get sharper to cut through fish and become more of a turtle. Its diet will drastically change to ocean life and it may get bigger to fend off ocean predators. It lives in the shallows and goes onto land to bask in the sun. It's called a homes basking turtle.